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Hi Wendy,
Sorry I've taken so long to get back to you!

I printed off the suggestions you had to help Leo stop and it worked BRILLIANTLY! Thankyou soooo much! :)
Mum now has Leo stopping incredibly well from a canter!! :D

Kind Regards,
Grace, Australia


Appie from the Netherlands in his special Orbitless bridle

Hello Wendy, just an update from Archie and I.

The Orbitless is going great guns we love it so much. I thought you may be interested in how it is standing up to a very strong cob?
I use reins straight onto the moderate holes and we are doing fine.

The straps that go under are very supple which is comfy for Archie but they have stretched and I have had to think about how to tighten the nose with the under straps and the one on top no big deal just learning

The Orbitless stops him, as I have mentioned before he is strong - however I have a much improved leg and seat its only if I got worried and changed my way of being that he became heavy e.g. out with others having fun (him more than me).on his own he now stops to knee pressure

I think I need a cob bridle or at least shorter cheek pieces this is on the jobs to do list as is getting another Orbitless because it would just be wrong not to have a spare! One funny thing I noticed was that because he has such a relaxed jaw now that I sometimes feel his teeth gently clicking together as he walks at first I thought I had broken something (!) then when I realised what it was I thought it was so wonderful that he was sooo relaxed.

I have noticed he is braver passing things and is happier to take the lead if anxious (not that he is very often!) but he takes a lot less asking because I think he feels more confident if confidence is a horse emotion.

The most wonderful thing is I have stopped thinking I am riding bitless and now it is the most natural thing to do.

We can't thank you enough

I recently purchased the orbitless bridle from Bitless bridle co uk.
I was able to discuss buying the bridle first with Wendy Wainwright who gave me thorough advice about how the bridle can be used and the suitability of it for my particular horse's problems, her after sales service was very helpful too.
The bridle is well designed and of a very good quality.
L. Owen.

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