About Me

Riding from the age of 9 and owning my own ponies from the age of 12, I started working with horses at 18. I spent the next 8 years as a riding school instructor, taking my BHS exams, a show jumping groom and freelance groom.

I then went to Unviversity to study Engineering, graduating with a First Class Honours degree in 2003. I am currently following the Think Like A Pony Instructor programme, it is a great method for both children and adults which promotes safe, fun horsemanship where the horse is the central figure.


I first started using bitless bridles 20 years ago with my pony Paladin. This was inspired by a book by Lucy Rees showing a pony bitless. Back then the only option was the English Hackamore so I made various bridles, one out of a drop noseband fixed as a cavesson with reins attached to the rings. Another bridle I made a noseband out of webbing and rings which I just attached to my normal bridle. Paladin and I took part in many jumping competitons at local shows in this bridle.


My next horse suffered a reaction to a vaccine which caused hypersensitivity. This made him a headshaker as well as every bit rubbing his mouth on his pink skin. I used various bitless bridles including an English hackamore, homemade sidepulls and once hacking home from a cross country competition in a headcollar.

When I bought my current horse Ember in 2005, it soon became clear that she was not going to be happy in a bit so again I was looking for a good solution. There was not much information on the internet at that time and the choice of bridles, though larger than 20 years ago was not extensive. I created the Bitless Horse Association as an online group to try and connect with other people to share experiences and advice. in 2007 I started Bitless Horse primarily at that time to hire out bridles to let people try out different styles, then I started to offer them for sale. Over the years I have tried as many different bridles I could get hold of, researching the types and effects and history of bitless.
Several years ago I was struggling to find a bridle that gave me the precision I wanted at the same time as offering clear communication and pressure release, this lead to the development of the Orbitless bridle which was granted a patent in 2012.


I have written for Horsemanship Magazine, Your Horse Magazine and Horse Scene Magazine. I have given talks at Your Horse Live and regularly lecture at a Saddlery College as part of the unit on Lorinery.

Since starting my website and questionnaire I have helped over 500 horse and rider combinations based all over the world go bitless. I enjoy helping people find a different way as this often results in the rider having a deeper relationship with their horse.


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